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New Chapters


All new chapters in or out of New York State must be authorized and sanctioned by the N.Y. Mother Chapter. All new chapters must have at least four members to start. All new prospective chapters must set up a meeting with the Mother Chapter for evaluation. Each new member joining the Tier Rats MC in any chapter will pay $150.00 to the Mother Chapter. In return the new member will receive a set of colors (cuts) which are the property of the Tier Rats Motorcycle Clubs' Mother Chapter. These colors (cuts) will become your property after being a member in good standing for 5 consecutive years. For the good of the club each new chapter my change parts of the bylaws and regulate the amount of money collected be it for initiation or monthly dues for their members (for example the amount of mandatory meetings you must attend or the amount of money that is collected). Due to the collection of $150.00 per member there will be no other dues owed to the Mother Chapter. Fees collected are always subject to change for the good of the club. Three months of non payment of dues will be grounds for dismissal from the club upon a vote of its members. All other chapters must submit an updated roster list with all members' information and what position they hold in the club. This roster is to be submitted to the Mother Chapter on a yearly basis by the first week of April.

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