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Club Rules & Logo




The name Tier Rats Motorcycle Club and its insignia and logos are the sole property of the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club, New York, Mother Chapter. Unauthorized use or reproduction without express written consent of the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club is strictly prohibited under the United States Copyright Laws. Copyright (Trade Mark) date filed November 14, 2011. Members will wear the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club Logo patches, colors, cuts on a black leather vest.



The rear of the vest layout will be consistent. No variations will be permitted except for the state name. The top rocker with the name Tier Rats centered approximately three inches down from the collar. The Round Center Patch will be centered one inch under the top rocker. The bottom rocker with the state name will be centered one inch under the middle patch. The MC patch goes on the right side next to the rats tail with one inch space. The LE patch goes on the left side of the middle patch at the same height as the MC patch with a one inch space. No other patches or insignias will be displayed on the rear of the vest.



The patch on the left side of vest, left shoulder area will be an American flag and can be combined with another symbol for example: a flag with a 9/11 remembrance or a flag that says these colors do not run. Under the flag around the breast area top patch will be NEW YORK the bottom patch will be the name of the department in which you work for example: NYC DOC. or NYS DOC. Family members who join will receive a "FAMILY" patch and it will be the bottom patch on the left side. The patch on the front of vest right shoulder area will be a Folger Adam Key with different text written on the key. For example: 2011 ORIGINAL (for the club members that restarted the Club) or 2012, 2013 etc.. for the year the member joined. Under the key around the breast area. Top patch TIER RATS MC, bottom patch Your name or AKA. The board officers will have a patch with their title on it which will go below the above patches. Other patches and pins are permitted on the front of the vest. For example: military patches, brand name of bike, Wounded Warrior, HOG, or event patches or pins you participated in. No patches or pins that might offend others.





The Tier Rats Motorcycle Club came back into existence for a number of reasons. One being to fill a void in the motorcycle club scene for correction officers. Two, there are few to none correction law enforcement Motorcycle Clubs out there, and three, there are many law enforcement motorcycle clubs out there that let correction officers in as members. As in our careers we are always behind the scenes, never talked about in the news unless something negative happens. It is time to show the world that the people in corrections especially the ones that love to ride motorcycles are great people, have a heart and do good deeds for others. For the good of the club we have to have some rules to obey too, that being said conduct unbecoming is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The Mother Chapter will have the power and authority to rescind the charter of any chapter and terminate any member that brings a bad name to the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club. Individual chapters will have the authority to terminate members as voted on by their board members. All individuals, including members and guests participating in any Tier Rats Motorcycle Club events or runs, will be required to sign a release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement whereby releasing the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club from civil liability claims.

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