1) All members will be active/off probation/retired uniformed correction employees, police (law enforcement) officers, or honorably retired from the U.S. military.


2) All members must possess a valid driver's license, motorcycle license, valid motorcycle registration and hold insurance of the state of membership.


3) All members must own and ride a cruiser, touring or trike bike with at least 750cc. No sport or off road bikes.


4) All non uniform correction employees will be permitted to join, but will be limited to the following ratio. 1 non uniform member for every 5 uniform members. Any immediate family (husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, sister and brother) of an active Tier Rat member may become a member. They will then be considered family and their membership will not apply to the ratio of non uniform to uniform membership, also the percentage of all uniform members will never be under 75% of the total amount of members. Additionally only uniform correction staff can hold the title of President, Vice President or Sgt-At-Arms.


5) All members will pay monthly or yearly dues. The amount will be voted on by the membership for the good of the club.


6) In order to maintain continued membership in the Tier Rats Motorcycle club, each member will attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year. Meetings will be held once each month at a location that was voted on at the prior meeting or until we establish a club house. Also members must participate in at least 3 events or runs per year. Board members must attend a minimum of 6 meetings and participate in 6 events or runs per year. All members are encouraged to attend more then the minimum allowed.


7) The American flag will be displayed at each meeting and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America will be said before each meeting begins.


8) All members are prohibited from maintaining membership in any 1% outlaw club or if you choose to associate with 1% outlaw clubs you are forbidden to wear the Tier Rats colors. The Tier Rats Motorcycle Club will not support or participate in any events that 1% outlaw clubs support or participate in. Always remember the Tier Rats is a law enforcement motorcycle club.


9) All prospective members must be sponsored by a club member. The prospective member must attend 2 meetings and 2 events or runs before being considered a member (these 2 meetings, and 2 events or runs do not apply to the 2 meetings and 3 events or runs that a full member must attend). You will receive a full set of colors (cuts) upon completion of the above criteria and paying a initiation fee. The colors (cuts) are the property of the Tier Rats Motorcycle Club and become your property after being a member in good standing for 5 consecutive years.


10) All future members will be voted in upon and ratified by the membership with a two thirds majority vote. All money collected be it from initiation or dues is non refundable.



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